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My husband and son are always razzing me about carrying my yarn everywhere. We can be running to dinner and I will get a row or so in during the ride. I do love to knit and crochet. After all this is how I build a community of friends. It sparks conversation and then the opportunity to fall in love with the fabric which brings on the desire to learn.

The community has truly grown this business.  I have really enjoyed meeting all the crafters & non crafty people who visit.  We have built an amazing Community Night on Tuesdays where we just enjoy the comrade.  I look forward to the future of this little shop made with love.


Small fact*** my husband taught me how to cast on my knitting needles. He learned from his grandmother. I love that he was patient enough to help me and now he set fire a bigger passion.

We love to road trip! I will have a few yarn attractions that we can get out stretch our legs while I collect yarn and gush over new or old fibers that I had not seen before. I am always intrigued by each shops set up and some have amazing storage ideas. I have a few favorites and will gladly share them If asked.
We think it’s important to be a part of organizations that support small business; so we started with the local Anson County Chamber of Commerce and Anson Economic Development Partnership to see how we could bring our business idea alive. We wanted to see Wadesboro vibrant and lively as we see in so many other small towns.
We are members of The Knitting Guild Association, The Crochet Guild of America, and Anson County Chamber of Commerce.



106 S Greene Street

Wadesboro, NC 28170

Our hours

Tuesday 10AM-6PM



Friday 10AM-4PM

Saturday 10AM-2PM

Contact us

Phone: 704-507-1160
Email: [email protected]



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